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   The benefits of learning music through Forte


Check with your Head of Music to see if the Forte team travel to your school. 

We provide fully trained and qualified secondary music teachers who are connected to the performing community.

As this service is government funded there is little cost to you. Read on for more information...

benefits for you

and your teen...

You will receive lessons from qualified professional teachers, at no charge to you for lessons, at your child's secondary school.

ITM teacher's and your school's  music staff work together to support the school's wider music programme.


ITM's are available for extra-curricular activities such as open nights, festivals, exchanges, tours and other activities.

  • Deliver a personalised programme of vocal or instrumental tuition across all levels.

  • Opportunities to participate in individual and group performances.

  • Prepare for assessments such as  NCEA external exams.

  • Provide a positive learning environment.

  • Keep up to date with current teaching practices and policies.

Ask your school Head of Music Department for

the opportunity to have music lessons with

a Forte ITM specialist.


Your ITM will..

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